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I’ve put together some great tools and resources just for you. These can be used as a starting point to create your own documents or you can use them just as they’re presented.


Tools and Resources

Good Governance and Policy Development


Good Governance Health Check

This Self Assessment Tool is designed to help organisations incorporated under the Victorian Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012 to understand how they are functioning in terms of Good Governance.

Developing your Policy Framework

All organisations and boards are different, so there is no one-size-fits-all answer to the question: ‘What policies does my organisation need?’  Read my helpful guide that takes you through areas you need to consider.

Tools and Resources

Risk Management Basics


Three Steps to Managing Risk

I give you three simple steps to make Risk Management easy.


SIMPLE Risk Register Template

This template will assist you to list and keep track of all of your risks.

Risk Management Plan Template

Plan the ‘what, how, who and when’ for managing your risks.

Tools and Resources


Conflict of Interest

A guide covering what is a conflict of interest and how should it be managed?

Committee Charters

What is a Committee Charter, why is it important and what should it cover?

Australian Institute of Company Directors

Committed to excellence the AICD is for those interested in high level corporate governance.

Institute of Community Directors Australia

A best practice network for members of not-for-profit boards and committees.

Bullying and Harassment

What constitutes Bullying and Harassment? Here, I talk about your obligations and responsibilities.


Grievances and Disputes

For some, it is a legal requirement to include Grievance Procedures in the Rules of Association.

Succession Planning

Be properly prepared for electing your Board or Committee of Management at your next AGM.

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