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Good Governance: Know Your Obligations!

Ignorance is rarely bliss...and when it comes to governance, it can spell the downfall of an organisation! But how do you know what you don't know? Well this is where keeping in the loop with sector networks and industry experts is so vital. And to get you thinking, I...

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Governance Standards: Podcast

The Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) has six Governance Standards which are mandatory for the nearly 60,000 charities across the country. These Governance Standards are also an excellent good practice guide for other not-for-profits as well....

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Annual General Meetings: Podcast

For many of our not-for-profits, Annual General Meetings are just around the corner.  This month Bruce and I run through lots of tips and suggestions for running great AGMs, and we talk about a great resource for Victorian Incorporated Associations to help them ensure...

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