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It is vital that your Board is clear about its governance and strategic obligations and responsibilities.

Through my work I support you all to lead your organisation in line with best practice principles for maximum impact.

My three-stage Flagship Governance and Strategy Program

Good Governance for Not-for-profits

1. Essential Information

In Stage One – my Good Governance Training Session – we explore why effective governance is so important, we discuss the four key elements of good governance, and we look at resources for further support.

2. Targeted planning

Stage Two – my Good Governance Strategy Planning Workshop – explores your organisation’s Values, Vision and Mission.
We undertake a situational analysis, explore your strategic directions, and develop your high-level organisational goals.
Then we put a comprehensive plan in place to take you where you want to go.


3. External Accountability

In Stage Three – my Good Governance Implementation Support Package – I undertake a 12-month follow up program with your organisation, to mentor you through implementation, and ensure you achieve the results you want.

My Specialist Areas

How I Can Help

When it comes to supporting good governance I provide expert consultancy in a variety of areas.
I have a number of ready-to-go programs available, plus I tailor bespoke solutions to meet the specific needs of individual organisations and their people.
So I will work with you to clearly identify your needs and goals, and together we will implement the best solution that ensures you achieve the results you want.

I have been working with Megan through her Executive Support Program for nearly a year and have found her knowledge and personable approach to be very effective.

Megan is skilled at tailoring the Executive Support Program for individual needs ensuring the time spent is value for money. 

Her guidance and values driven attitude stems from extensive experience and support of the NFP sector and her assistance with prioritising and focus on outcomes orientated strategy has been invaluable.

Megan has been instrumental in developing my existing connections and networks due to her strong affiliations and support of the NFP sector.

I highly recommend Megan for NFP CEOs and Executive leaders.

Sue Sestan, Chief Executive Officer, Inspiro Health


From start ups to established organisations, ensuring good governance can sometimes feel overwhelming. I can help you navigate the maze by reviewing your current practices, providing Board training, facilitating your planning workshops, or mentoring your team through your plan implementation.


Do you ensure you have an effective strategy that helps you deliver on your organisation’s purpose? It is surprising how many organisations don’t. This is an area I just love to work on, and my online and face-to-face Strategic Planning workshops are helping organisations across Australia to do this better.



Good leadership comes from the top. My Succession Planning Program helps you get the best people in place, and my Board Development Program sets them up to succeed. And my Chair and Executive Support Programs provide safe, supportive and confidential coaching and mentoring to those in these key roles.


Fundraising is so much more than just cake stalls and raffles these days. Every organisation should have a comprehensive Fundraising Strategy in place. Does yours? My Fundraising 101 training program provides lots of fundraising inspiration and ideas for organisations of all sizes.


Volunteers are the lifeblood of so many not-for-profit organisations and we need to treat them with the same care and respect we would paid employees. My Valuing Volunteers training program explores best practice volunteer management and support, to help you look after your volunteer workforce.


Compliance comes in many forms. Whether it be meeting the requirements of your corporate regulator, complying with your risk management obligations, or successfully implementing your quality assurance framework, I can help your organisation make compliance manageable.

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