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Taking some of the hassle out of good governance and leadership, my ready-to-go packages have been tried and tested to address some of the most common challenges experienced by not-for-profit organisations.


What I Can Do For You

Executive Support

Providing enquiry, perspective, and accountability to Leaders.

Support for Chairs

One-to-one Support for Not-for-profit Chairs

Succession Support

Helping you to get Board Succession strategies in place.


Board Refresh & Refocus

Explore the fundamentals that drive your organisation’s Purpose.

Board Evaluation

Reviews the key aspects of aspects of your Board’s functioning.

Strategic Risk Review

Delves into 12 key areas of strategic risk for your organisation.

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Executive Support

Providing enquiry, perspective, and accountability, my Executive Support Program helps not-for-profit Executives to deliver, to grow, and to thrive.

This program combines elements of mentoring and coaching with professional supervision – all provided in a safe, supportive and confidential setting.

governance support

Support for Chairs

My One-to-one Support for Not-for-profit Chairs program, will help you to lead, to govern, and to steer your organisation towards greater success.

Based on my decades of sitting on the governing bodies of a wide variety of organisations myself, this program combines trouble-shooting, sounding-board, strategic advice, and more – all provided in a safe, supportive and confidential setting.

getting the right people

Succession Support

Like with most things, a proactive and planned approach is key to achieving the best outcomes for Board Succession.

My Board Succession Support Package provides assistance, mentoring, and external accountability to ensure you effectively prepare for, plan for, and implement your Board Succession strategies.

start your new board year off on the right foot

Board Refresh & Refocus

My Board Refresh and Refocus Program steps your Board through the fundamentals that underpin your organisation’s purpose and explores the Board’s role in overseeing the delivery of that purpose.

It is the ideal program to kick off the new Board year after your elections and appointments, providing a great revisit for your returning Board members, and complimenting your orientation and induction activities for your newcomers.

continuous improvement for your board

Board Evaluation

Regular Board Evaluation is a key element of good governance. Finding the gaps and developing improvement strategies helps your Board to become more effective.

My Board Evaluation Package examines a number of aspects of your Board’s functioning and provides you with a comprehensive report of findings and recommendations that your Board can use to improve your practice.

find your risks before they find you

Strategic Risk Review

Through surveys, interviews, and a desktop review of key documents, my Strategic Risk Review Package delves into 12 key areas of strategic risk for your organisation to help you better understand and manage your strategic risks.

As a trained Lead Auditor, I have used my auditing skills to help many organisations with their risk management, and through my Strategic Risk Review Program I can help your organisation too.

something to ponder

Vision Without Action is Hallucination

I heard a great saying recently: Vision Without Action is Hallucination!

I think this is a great reminder that it’s one thing to come up with lots of great ideas of what your group (or yourself, for that matter) might be able to do, but without actually taking some practical steps to work toward that Vision, it will remain little more than a pipe-dream.

Sounds pretty obvious, I know, but it is surprising how many groups (and individuals) fall into that trap.

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