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I offer a range of training programs designed specifically for not-for-profit organisations. I can also create bespoke training programs to meet your organisation’s specific needs on request.


My ready-to-go training programs have been designed in consultation with, and are tested and trusted by, hundreds of not-for-profits. Read more below and download my program flyers for more detail.



I will work with you to design training programs to meet your organisation’s needs in areas such as Professional Development, Risk Management, Human Rights, Running Incorporated Associations, and more.


Ready-to-go Training

Capability Building

Good Governance for Not-for-profits

Exploring the fundamentals of good governance, this necessary and effective governance solution has been designed especially for not-for-profit organisations.


introduction to incorporation

Find out about the essential requirements of running an Incorporated Association – suitable for new or established organisations.

Purposeful Presidents

A workshop and networking session to build the confidence and understanding of those interested in the role of President.

Successful Secretaries

For those interested in the role of Secretary, this workshop and networking session will explore the requirements of this critical role within the organisation.

Fundraising 101

A workshop and networking session designed to help you explore new ways to bring funds into your organisation while sharing innovative ideas and success stories.

Valuing Our Volunteers

Volunteers are the lifeblood of many not-for-profits, so find out how to attract the best, support them well, and ensure they enjoy the work they do.

Running great Annual General Meetings

Make sure your most important meeting of the year meets all the compliance requirements…and is appealing and enjoyable for your members too!

Meetings Made Manageable

Helping you to run more effective and efficient meetings that don’t waste time or risk losing you valuable Board members.

Finance Basics

Anyone who sits on a Board or Management Commiittee has a responsibility for the financial health of the organisation. Find out what you need to know!


Succession Planning

A proactive and planned approach is key to ensuring the best succession outcomes. Learn about my tried and tested process for achieving great results.

Make a Difference!

Each and every one of us has the potential to change our communities for the better and this workshop will help you explore what you can do.

Risk Management Essentials

Alongside of of delivering on your Purpose, managing risk is one of the most important things any organisation can do. Come along to learn more about your obligations.

Specialised Training

Disability Support

Introduction to Advocacy

Explore how to support vulnerable people to enjoy the rights and freedoms that others in the community take for granted.

Exploring Person Centred Practice

Learn to better support the individuals you work with in a way that helps them to create lives that are more meaningful to them.

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