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We provide a range of supports and services, particularly to community-based not-for-profit organisations, small businesses, and private individuals, with a focus on enhancing your capability.

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With decades of experience working in the community, government, business and advocacy sectors, we are the ideal partner to help you achieve what's most important to you.

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Robust systems are the cornerstone to effective governance, management and operations within any organisation

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We facilitate professional and effective planning sessions involving the whole team

Articles From our Founder

Justice Connect

The range of legal requirements that are imposed on community groups (particularly for bigger organisations and those that employ staff) can sometimes seem overwhelming for volunteer committees.  But ensuring compliance with the relevant laws is a critical part of...

Board Member Conduct

Board (or Committee) Members should lead by example in their conduct on behalf of their organisations, demonstrating behaviour that reflects the organisation’s values at all times.  But unfortunately, this is not always the case.  Sometimes when people’s behaviour...

Developing Your Committee

We recognise the importance of professional development in the workplace to keep staff up to date with industry requirements, enthused about the work they do, and inspired to do new and exciting things.  But often we overlook the importance of doing this with members...


Sometimes you may not need or want to form an incorporated association to do the community work you want to do.  It may be that the project you are undertaking is time-limited rather than ongoing; or perhaps the work of your group is minimal making the incorporation...

Succession Planning

I have had a number of queries about succession planning recently, so I thought it was timely to revisit this topic. Start by thinking about the mix of skills your committee needs, compared with those you currently have around the table.  For example, do you need to...

‘Women on Boards’

‘Women on Boards’ (WOB) is an organisation that works to support women from all over Australia to be selected for board positions across the country.  WOB began in 2001 as an informal network of business women, and in 2006 was formally established as a company with...

Partnerships and Collaboration

Creating partnerships and collaborating with other community groups has a wide range of benefits for everyone involved. We get to network with new people which can expose us to new information and opportunities that we might not otherwise have come across. We can work...

Privacy and your community organisation

Regardless of whether your organisation is large or small, our community-based organisations have a responsibility to keep people’s personal information private.  Depending on the nature of your group, it may just be contact details such as addresses, phone numbers or...

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