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We provide a range of supports and services, particularly to community-based not-for-profit organisations, small businesses, and private individuals, with a focus on enhancing your capability.

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With decades of experience working in the community, government, business and advocacy sectors, we are the ideal partner to help you achieve what's most important to you.

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Robust systems are the cornerstone to effective governance, management and operations within any organisation

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We facilitate professional and effective planning sessions involving the whole team

Articles From our Founder

Good Governance: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly – some tips for being one of The Good

When things go right and things go wrong – the good, the bad and the ugly of governance. What is this thing called governance? I know it’s a term I bandy about – A LOT – but sometimes I forget that it’s not necessarily a commonly used term for other people. Let’s...

Grants, Fundraising and Financial Sustainability – Part Three

In the final installment of this three-part series, we are going to take a look at Fundraising more broadly, as effective fundraising activities can come in a whole range of shapes and sizes - the possibilities really are only limited by your imagination! Have a...

The importance of celebrating the year past: Podcast

How to look for even the littlest of things that gave us a win during 2021.

Grants, Fundraising and Financial Sustainability – Part Two

Following on from Part One of this three-part series, today in Part Two let's look at Grants as a means of generating funds for our not-for-profits.  Here are some handy tips below to help you on your pathway to grant success. Be Grant-smart before you start Do your...

Re-energising the team post-lockdown: Podcast

Listen to Megan’s tips about re-energising our teams as we come out of the COVID lockdown.

Grants, Fundraising and Financial Sustainability – Part One

This topic is huge! And more than we could ever cover in just one blog post! So I am going to scratch the surface across a three-part series. In today's post, let's look at Financial Sustainability. Solvency Keeping your organisation solvent is one of the key...

Five-point Governance Check-up

Lots of the not-for-profit organisations I have been talking to lately are feeling a bit dejected as a result of not being able to do much of their normal activity during the pandemic. As vaccination rates rise and hopes increase that the year ahead will be better...

Justice Connect

The range of legal requirements that are imposed on community groups (particularly for bigger organisations and those that employ staff) can sometimes seem overwhelming for volunteer committees.  But ensuring compliance with the relevant laws is a critical part of...

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