“How do you help not-for-profits?”

This is a question I’m asked often…in a nutshell, I support not-for-profit boards and executives to improve their organisation’s governance and overall effectiveness.

And I do this in a range of ways.

Through my various training programs
I help not-for-profit leaders better understand good governance practice – what it involves, how to embed it in your organisational processes, and how to ensure it remains ongoing – so it’s not just a ‘tick-and-flick’ exercise that’s done once then forgotten!

Through my leadership team workshops
I assist organisations to get clear about their Values, Vision, Mission and Purpose.  Whether they are exploring these fundamental concepts for the first time, or revisiting or recalibrating their existing ones, we do a deep dive into what it is that underpins the very existence of the organisation, so they can be clear about these going forward.

I also help not-for-profits develop their high-level Strategy – helping them flesh out the Key Result Areas and Strategic Goals that are going to enable them to deliver their organisation’s Vision, Mission and Purpose.

Through my mentoring programs
I provide not-for-profit boards and executives with guidance and support, a focus on goal achievement, and some all-important external accountability to motivate and encourage people into action!

My pro bono supports
I offer a 45-minute Governance SOS call for not-for-profit boards, to help them to get unstuck and start to address their pain points.

I have a comprehensive Good Governance Health Check tool which I have designed to help not-for-profit organisations to self-assess and better understand how they are functioning in terms of Good Governance.

I provide an express 5-point Governance Check-up to guide you through a quick review of 5 key areas within your organisation, which when completed will leave your not-for-profit in a better position to thrive.

I have a Resources page on my website, which contains a vast number of Tip Sheets and other resources for not-for-profits.

My Good Governance e-newsletters are sent out fortnightly to the Good Governance network, and feature sector news, upcoming events, and general good governance info for not-for-profits – email me if you would like to join the distribution list and receive all the valuable information I share.

And of course my monthly online Networking Lunches for Not-for-profit Leaders have proven to be a great hit with not-for-profit leaders across the country – let me know if you would like the link to sign up for the next one coming up soon!

My consultancy supports
My training programs include workshops on good governance, on effective financial oversight for boards, on working with volunteers, on strategic fundraising, and more.

The support packages I offer include a comprehensive board orientation/board refresher program, strategic planning workshops, an executive support and external supervision package, and an extensive board succession support package, for example.

And I also work with many not-for-profits to tailor bespoke solutions to meet their individual organisational needs.

Do you need my help with something?
If you think I can help your not-for-profit in some way, I’d love to talk with you about how!

Reach out and contact me on megan@mjbconsulting.net.au or 0421 525 048 and let’s chat!

I look forward to speaking with you soon.