What makes an organisation decide to engage me to come in and work with them?

A bit like when I wrote recently about who might be my typical client, there’s not really a one-size-fits all answer to that question…rather it is a range of issues, a variety of scenarios, and an array of specific needs, that bring organisations to call on me for help.

For some it’s about being proactive
A key characteristic of successful organisations is that they are always looking to the future, and being strategic and proactive about the direction that they take. They want to ensure they are doing their best to position their organisations well, and ahead of time, to set them up to take best advantage of upcoming opportunities.
I particularly love working with organisations that have this proactive approach, because the types of projects they come to me with, usually allow people more time for thoughtful consideration, and thorough deliberation, which in turn bring about far better outcomes for the organisation and for the people they serve.

For some it’s time
Maybe a Strategic Plan is up for renewal, or some Board refresher training is due, or perhaps it’s time to start succession planning ahead of your Annual General Meeting. Effective organisations will always ensure they keep tabs on the upcoming requirements of their annual calendar and their various planning cycles, and this is also when I’m approached to help out and to provide a fresh pair of eyes.
It’s great to work with these organisations too, as their belief in and commitment to continuous improvement – which is a driving force behind the way I work too – is really apparent.

For some it’s about resourcing
Other organisations come to me when they know they need to attend to something but they simply don’t have the capacity to do it within their current staffing resources. I was recently called into an organisation to create and roll out their Professional Development and Supervision framework, as, despite knowing how important this piece of work was for their organisation, they were simply too stretched internally, with their other competing priorities, to have the capacity to do the work themselves.

For some they are in crisis
I also have organisations calling on me when something has gone wrong. Generally they just need someone external to come in, with a clearer mind and an objective point of view, to help them to start to pick through the mess and pull out the threads of what will be begin to emerge as their way forward.
I love this type of work too, especially when you hit the point that the way forward is starting to become apparent, and people can see a new future – it’s like seeing the phoenix rising from the ashes!

And for most it’s about familiarity and trust
Whether it’s from a word-of-mouth referral, a testimonial on my website, or some sort of past connection directly with me, the organisations that come to me generally do so because, in some way, they are familiar with me and the work I do. Perhaps from working with me before, or through joining in one of the events I host, or from hearing me speak, they get to feel that the unique combination of my knowledge, my skills, my experience, and my networks can help them to achieve the things that are important to them.

So if you are being strategic and proactive, or addressing your annual improvement requirements, or have found yourself needing to buy in some extra resourcing, or have hit some sort of crisis – do reach out!
And if we haven’t worked together previously, do check out the testimonials I have received from my past clients, or come along to one of my Networking Lunches for NFP Leaders to get to know me a little better.

I’m here to help you – you just need to make that decision to get in touch.