A Patron is someone who provides some sort of benefit to your organisation through their association with your group.  They are usually someone who has a high profile in some way, and through their position can help raise the profile of your organisation as well.

Depending upon the nature of your group, and the specific benefits you are seeking as a result of your relationship with a Patron, different types of Patrons will suit different groups.
If you want your group to become more widely known, a well-known celebrity may be a good Patron.
If your group is a sporting organisation, you may decide to approach a high-achieving sportsperson in your particular sport to be your Patron.  Or if you need help sourcing funds you might look for someone who has good networks in the philanthropic sector to be your Patron.

When selecting someone to approach, think about what they have in common with your group.  When making your approach, really highlight that common purpose to them.  In your approach, also provide them with plenty of information about all the good work your group does so they can see your organisation is a cause worthy of their patronage.

Do be aware of your potential Patron’s capacity to be involved with your group.  Some Patrons will be happy to be more actively involved, whereas others may only be able to lend you their name to boost your credibility.  Understanding this from the outset helps ensure your expectations can be met by your Patron.

And once you have secured the patronage of your ideal Patron, nurture your relationship with them by providing them with regular information and updates about all the great things your group is achieving.

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