A Giving Circle is a form of philanthropy where a group of like-minded people come together and donate their money into a pool of funds, which enables them to have greater impact on their chosen cause, than they would do individually.

Generally those involved also donate their time to managing the Circle, as well as getting involved with the charity or cause they are supporting, to increase their own awareness of the issues.

Giving Circles may be informal where those involved donate directly to the cause the group supports, or more formal where a community foundation is established to administer the funds collected.

They can be large or small – some having only a handful of members, while others have literally hundreds.  Members of the circle typically use their networks to bring in more members, and thus the circle grows and the group can have an increasingly greater impact.

While some of the bigger groups might aim to have 100 members each contributing $1000 a year, others might just aim to have members contribute $10 a month to smaller causes.

Whatever your interest in the community sector, if you can connect with other like-minded people, establishing and growing a Giving Circle may be a great way of supporting your chosen cause.

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