The range of legal requirements that are imposed on community groups (particularly for bigger organisations and those that employ staff) can sometimes seem overwhelming for volunteer committees.  But ensuring compliance with the relevant laws is a critical part of good governance, so we need to make sure we understand what needs to be done.

Justice Connect (or you may know it by its former name of PILCH Connect) provides legal advice, information and training to community groups through its Not-for-profit Law program.

The Not-for-profit Law information hub has an enormous amount of information contained within it.

Here you will find tools and resources to help you start up a new organisation, and to run your organisation well (including the excellent Secretary’s Satchel).  There is information about the various legal requirements associated with the different people your organisation has relationships with – members, staff, clients, etc.  Insurance, risk management, and taxation are also covered, and much, much more.

Hot topics and postings of regular updates on the web page can help to keep you up to date with changes across the not-for-profit sector.  Podcasts and animated information videos help to make the information accessible to a wider audience.  And you can also subscribe to the Not-for-profit Law e-newsletter.

Telephone advice can also be provided by Justice Connect.

The Not-for profit Law program website can be found at and is a fabulous resource for any community group – large or small.

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