Creating partnerships and collaborating with other community groups has a wide range of benefits for everyone involved.

We get to network with new people which can expose us to new information and opportunities that we might not otherwise have come across.

We can work together on projects that are of interest to a broader range of people, and potentially achieve the aims of more than one organisation.

We can help each other out when we are in need, and we can potentially share resources such as facilities or equipment, saving on the costs that would be incurred if each group had to purchase and maintain these things themselves.

By working in conjunction with other groups that might have similar aims we can avoid doubling up of efforts and be more effective in achieving our outcomes.

And through all of this, new friendships are made; we build stronger, more vibrant and better connected communities; and everyone experiences an improved quality of life.

Grant makers like to see that you are involving other parts of the community in your projects so you may also be more likely to be successful with any funding applications you lodge.

So with all that to gain, why not find out what other community groups are operating in your local area and think about how you might be able to partner and collaborate with them to help each of you to more effectively achieve the things that are important to you.

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