The Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) provides a wealth of governance information and support to those involved in, or interested in, Company Directorship.  Even though their primary audience is directors of companies, most of their resources are equally as relevant for our small community groups and can provide excellent guidance for a high standard of sound practice across all areas of governance for any organisation.

Their website includes:

  • A comprehensive Director Resource Centre – this includes sections such as Governance and director issues; Director Q&A; Publications; and a Governance Analysis Tool
  • Listings of a broad range of courses that are available, including courses for the Board, as well as courses for individual Directors
  • Information about their various events, such as upcoming conferences and programs

Their Not-for-Profit Resource Centre (found under the Director Resource Centre) is designed specifically to provide support to non-profit organisations, and includes information about roles and performance; governance, reporting, and risk management; ‘Hot Topics’ and ‘Must Reads’.

Most of the information and resources on the website can be accessed by anyone.  However, AICD also has a Membership structure that offers additional benefits to its Members.

So if you are interested in exploring more about good governance practice, I highly recommend the AICD website as a starting point.

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